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cow_phoneRecently I was honoured to have a paper accepted for publication in the African Journal of Information Systems. The paper was titled A Model for designing M-Agriculture Applications for Dairy Farming. The aim of the paper was to study the implementation of mobile systems in agriculture and present a model for designing such applications. The study shows that models exist for general mobile applications design and development, although none specifically suits mobile agriculture applications. A model for designing and implementing M-Agriculture applications is presented in the paper. It concentrates specifically on dairy farming and shows how various stakeholders in this sector can share a mobile platform that meets their various needs.

From the conducted research, it is evident that most of the areas with inefficiencies (e.g. access and sharing of information) can be addressed using mobile technology. The designed model can be used by software developers to create mobile applications that are focused on dairy farming and to implement the various business processes involved in that agricultural sector. The model can also be adopted by policy organizations and government agencies in their proposals on the usage of technology as a key driver towards economic growth. Moreover, researchers can use the proposed model as a basis for improvement towards existing mobile application development models and frameworks or to develop new ones. Further work may be done to test the model in other areas of agriculture, e.g. crop farming. Also, agri-business components can be added to the model to enable the participation of other agriculture stakeholders who were not included in the presented model.

Get the full paper here