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And now…the M-CHURCH!

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Is there anything wrong with the M-CHURCH idea? Yesterday,  a local Kenyan church put a newspaper advert announcing an SMS powered service that people can use to receive help in matters such as political ambition, marriage and bearing children. The service is backed up by a help line that someone may call for more help/inquiry concerning the matter at heart.

The timing of this SMS service may not get along very well with most Kenyans, since majority would like to compare it with SMS gambling games that have been going on for a while now, and that took the country in a frenzy towards the end of 2010. Actually, almost every TV station had their SMS lottery show, with some affording to give millions in a week. So is there a relationship between the SMS lottery services and the M-CHURCH idea? To answer that, we got to observe the revenue models adopted in the two scenarios.  Notably in the M-CHURCH case, there is no car to be won, a house or even Ksh.90m to be won, just an encouraging scripture and probably a ‘follow-up’ number to call.

From my own perspective, the M-CHURCH is not really a bad idea if the intention was to spread the gospel and help people in matters of life using biblical truths and principles. Everything has a price…right? In this case, Ksh.10 is the price to pay for the M-CHURCH service.

However, there is a delicate line between the intention to make money and the desire to help Kenyans use the bible as a reference to get solutions to life’s teething issues.

To use or not to use the M-CHURCH service is a personal choice. The truth is, someone will benefit from it, someone will make money out of it, someone will criticize it, and of course another Kenyan will start another M-CHURCH!