About Me

Amos GichambaComputer Science Lecturer, Researcher and Innovator . I am pursuing my PhD in Computer Science in the ICT4D domain, with a focus on the Adoption of Mobile Technology in Agriculture.

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  1. kibe wachira says:

    this is nice

  2. My name is Martin Kabaki and I am a Kenyan businessman in USA where I own a coffee company, http://www.growersalliance.com I live in Jacksonville, Florida. I have been following the M-PESA success very closely. I have an idea where I want to use the same M-Pesa technology to enable the thousabds of Kenyans who live in America and Canada to send money back hope using M-PESA. We currently send money using Western Union and Moneygram and it is very expensive. This could be a very lucrative project. Please let me know if you would be interested to partner in this project.

    Martin Kabaki
    Jacksonville, FL

  3. Roger Heeg says:

    Would like to talk to you in regards to an app for Dairy Farmers in Africa?

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