The New Focus on Africa

Posted: November 21, 2010 in Mobile Technology

Nokia QtMobile phone manufacturers have created a new interest in Africa, because of the growing mobile developer community, especially in East Africa(Kenya leading) and southern Africa.

The endeavor has seen leading companies like Nokia and Samsung hold developer meetups and training forums, all aimed at having developers introduced to their development platforms, most of which are free to download and install. Recently, Nokia held a mobile boot camp at the University of Nairobi to train mobile developers from academic institutions, development companies and individuals.The training focused on JavaME and Qt, the development platform for symbian applications, targeting Nokia’s wide range of smartphones. It was also an opportunity to interact with members of Nokia Forum, the leading developer community forum for Nokia developers all over the world.

With the new focus on Africa, its time for mobile applications developers to pitch their ideas and take advantage of the resources which are being availed to support mobile technology growth within the continent.

Samsung is not being left behind. They held a developer workshop at ihub, and showed demo apps developed on bada, Samsung’s smartphones platform.

Currently, there are mobile apps development competitions for both Nokia and Samsung, both with December deadlines. Its time African developers focused on mobile applications development, to enable the use of a mobile phone for much more than just communication.


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